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Shamira Pujani

I have been a yoga practitioner for over 10 years now. I'm comfortable calling myself a Yogini today because I believe my life & Yoga are now a symbiotic journey.

Life took me beyond yoga as just a physical practice.


My Yoga Teacher certification & training is based on the Iyengar philosophy of Hatha Yoga. I have studied food & nutrition from IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition, USA) and am a Post Graduate in Psychology. Indian Food Wisdom & Ayurveda being one of my passions I formally studied Ayurveda from American Institute of Vedic sciences (ironic, I Know!) and Suraj Ayurvedic Clinic & Research Institute Pune, to practice as a formal Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. 


Notwithstanding all of this I feel the experience of my yogic practice and my own journey and challenges (read obsession & compulsion) with food has been my biggest teacher. 

The rest of my work involves Personal Safety & Mindfulness Education with schools, teachers & students.

Read my full BIO here :

Rahul Kalra

I have been a passionate sportsperson all my life & have had a short stint as a pro-cricketer. In 2006 fitness became a priority for me. Gyms, healthy food, personal trainers, trying out every new fad. But it wasnt enough. I wanted to learn about fitness scientifically so that I wasnt dependant on (pseudo) advice. This search led me to Kaizzad Capadia (Founder-K11 School of Fitness Sciences & the pioneer of fitness training in India) in 2008. His mentoring & friendship continues even today to be a source of fitness education for me.


I invested 5 years from 2009 to 2013 getting various certifications in fitness & nutrition sciences, working as a fitness & nutrition coach & as part of the teaching faculty at the K11 School of Fitness Sciences, which formed the foundation of my fitness education. 

During this time I learnt that fitness aimed at only body & food, while it works brilliantly, is still one-dimensional.

In 2013 I had my first real tryst with Yoga when I enrolled for yoga classes with my Yoga Coach then (& partner now) Shamira Pujani as well as Pravin Jagtap (another one of my Yoga Teachers from the Iyengar School of Yoga). What started off as a form of exercise evolved into a way of life.

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'Yoga' means 'Balance' or 'Union'

We are three part beings - BODY, MIND & SOUL.

True well-being becomes a way of life when we practice balance & awareness in each of these parts ritually.

Yoga of Living is a means or a tool to practice this balance & awareness with respect to our fitness, food & life.

Hatha Yoga
Power of Attention
Simple is
Fitness Education
Experiential Learning
Conscious Living


For us fitness & well-being is not a plan, a goal or a time-bound process which takes you from point A to point B. Neither is it a peak state we achieve or a destination we reach at, nor is it only an external pursuit.


It is a practice, a conscious habit & a consistent balance between body, mind & energy.


It is also education & an essential life-skill.

How to be well is the simplest yet most profound thing we can do for ourselves.


We choose to use YogaofLiving as a tool to share this perspective & this practice of ours with people.



Health & Nutrition Coaching

Online 1-on-1 Health & Nutrition Coaching with Shamira


Our body is composed of 5 layers or sheaths known as Koshas. Often when we look at Health/Weight-loss/Nutrition we end up working only on the outermost layer of the body which is the physical layer or Annamaya Kosha. 

When one's looking at permanent lifestyle and habitual changes its important to work on the rest of the layers/Koshas as well. 


Our Health & Nutrition coaching program is developed to guide you step by step in 3 phases to work on the Pancha Koshas and live a life led by conscious choices and not compulsive behaviour.

Duration : 4 Weeks (per phase)

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Fitness & Sports Coaching

Fitness & Sports Coaching with Rahul

(1-on-1 or for groups) which includes :

1. Fitness enthusiasts/practitioners looking for guidance

2. Amateur/Pro sportspersons (including kids) looking for expert intervention

3. Workout Plans

4. Sports Injury Rehab Advice

5. Ideation & strategising for fitness brands/businesses

E-mail at with inquiry details.

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Learn Mindfulness & Meditation Online

 Anxiety, stress, racing mind, compulsive thoughts, fear, anger are all signs that the mind has overtaken our lives. Instead of the mind taking instructions from us we've become slaves to our thoughts and emotions. 

It takes conscious effort and awareness to turn this around. But how??

Learn to train your mind with simple techniques that'll gradually help you hone your attention and develop a meditation practice.

1. Personal one-on-one sessions 

2. Group sessions & Workshops

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1-on-1 Fitness Coaching

LIVE Online 1-on-1 Fitness Coaching with Shamira which includes :

1. Yoga Personal Training

2. Strength Training, Calisthenics, High-Intensity Training, KettleBell & TRX Workouts

3. Workout Plans

4. Nutrition Coaching (Optional)

Location : Zoom

Timings : Can be customised

Duration : Monthly



Online workshops, blogs, videos, podcasts, e-courses on :

1. Yogasana basics

2. Fitness fundamentals

3. Food wisdom

4. Healthful ways of living

5. Aligning human geometry for well-being


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Fitness Education

Fitness Education with Rahul & Shamira

1. Exercise Science-Rahul

2. Yoga Teacher Training-Shamira

3. Fitness Basics & Lifestyle changes-Shamira & Rahul

4. Curriculum building for schools, institutes, coaches etc



Yoga of Living 




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